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Start planning your next vacation and score exclusive rates on hotels, resorts, cruise lines, flights, car rentals, tickets, and activities. On top of your massive savings, you will also enjoy 2% cashback!

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DAILY DOT: Take advantage of great travel deals now to plan your post-Covid vacation

It feels like forever since we’ve seen a plane, train, or automobile and been en route to a new city, far-flung beach, or favorite mountain town, but being able to freely and safely travel again is absolutely in our future. Even if you’ve had to cancel trips thanks-but-no-thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, you can turn that frown upside down and have something to look forward to. Right now, there are travel-related deals so good you’d be silly to pass them up. Deals like this ClubONE Rewards Silver Membership that’s 60% off.

ClubONE Rewards is part of Club 1 Hotels, a global luxury travel club with the world’s largest collection of wholesale hotel, resort, and cruise rates, plus exclusive rates on flights, car rentals, golf, tickets, and activities, as seen in Markets Insider, Los Angeles Times, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Select, and more.


Mashable: This luxury travel membership fee has been slashed by 60%

If you spend your downtime daydreaming about trips lost this past year, or fantasizing about an entire year traveling the world post-COVID, you're not alone. While 2020 has hit the travel industry hard, along with devastating so many communities, it's okay to begin to think about yourself and the places you hope to explore once you can travel freely and safely. And honestly, planning a future adventure may be the activity you need right now.

While you may not be ready to commit to a trip just yet, you should take advantage of some of the ridiculously good deals floating around. For example, ClubONE Hotels is currently offering a global luxury travel club membership for a wild 60% off.


The MileLion: 

Club 1 Hotels is a members-only site which offers wholesale pricing on hotel rooms. Despite the name, Club1 Hotels also offers discounted car rental, cruise, flight and activity bookings. I’ve not explored any of these, so I can’t speak to the quantum of discount available.

That said, I have used Club 1 Hotels to book a vacation for my parents at the Park Hyatt Saigon, and ended up saving ~40% off the official site. I was skeptical about the rates, but the stay went off without a hitch.


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In order to continuously offer our discounted rates, they cannot be offered to the general public. Register for your free Club 1 Hotels Subscription to access our exclusive collection of wholesale rates at global hotels, vacation rental homes, car rentals, activities and tours, flights, resort day passes, chauffeured transportation, private jet charters, luggage storage and shipping, travel insurance, and more.

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